By implementing water saving crop rotation techniques, dairy families are providing critical wildlife habitat to species that depend on these croplands – including the tricolored blackbird – an endangered species now afforded sustainable habitat through these new techniques.  

This year, California’s dairy families are reducing their water use by 25%. That is in addition to reducing our water use by 50% since 2000. California’s dairy farmers are leading the way in environmental sustainability and implementing advancements in water saving methods not found anywhere else in the nation. California dairy farmers recycle the water they use. 

Recycling does not end with water. California dairy cows are efficient recyclers, making use of food and agriculture byproducts that are either indigestible or undesirable for humans and avoiding the need to landfill or otherwise dispose of these materials.

The California dairy families are leading the world in environmental sustainability. Since 2013, the industry has reduced our methane emissions by 57%. Our contributions to California’s climate goals are unrivaled throughout the world – as California offers the unique environment where dairy cows can help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.